Benjamin F.

Tour Guide at Clark University

Class of 2019

Hometown: Glenside, PA


Major: Community, Youth and Education Studies

Concentration: Urban Development and Social Change

Minor: Spanish

What makes you a Clarkie?

My concrete passions for certain things. Clarkie's almost always have that one or couple of things that they could talk to anyone about for hours and have a smile on their face the whole time.

What makes you feel most alive?

Running makes me simultaneously feel the most alive and dead. While tiring, coming down a hill knowing that you are going to beat your PR is a incredible feeling.

What's your favorite class at Clark?

My favorite class at Clark has been Photo Media. You get to experiment with a bunch of different photographic mediums and there is a lot of freedom with the projects, so you really get to pursue what you want while learning.

What's your favorite thing to do in Worcester?

My favorite thing to do in Worcester is the annual house tour in the month of December. Worcester has a great mix of architecture that is fascinating to explore and has such great history. It also allows you to see neighborhoods that you would not typically venture into, which leads to future exploration.

I'm passionate about...

Interior Design Real Estate Listening to Music Public Speaking Lactose Intolerance Singing Community Service Being Challenged in the Classroom Guitar

I'm involved with...

Social Services Intern Realtor Cross Country
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