Charlie P.

Tour Guide at Clark University

Class of 2020

Hometown: Boston, MA


Major: Computer Science

What makes you feel most alive?

I started a radio show last semester where I invite a friend on each week to talk about stupid, crazy and weird things. Although almost nobody listens to it I have had some amazing conversations with the friends I've invited on and would still definitely do it even if nobody listened.

What's your favorite thing to do in Worcester?

Worcester has an abundance of great cheap restaurants. Within walking distance there must be at least five pizza places, each of which have their own unique style. Recently I've been trying to go to a new restaurant every month and have not been disappointed.

What is your most meaningful place on campus?

I love park benches and made it my goal Sophomore year to sit on every bench at Clark. My personal favorite is outside of the Kneller Athletic Center and looks in the direction of the Goddard Library. The view is great at all times of the day, but especially miraculous at night. The glow of the lit library as well as the lighted sidewalks around it create an amazing view. The bench can also be seen from my usual spot in the library which is a great motivator during finals.

What's your favorite class at Clark?

My first semester at Clark I took a class called "Democracy and Public Education in America." The class discussed the history of public education and how the only way to truly achieve a democracy is through an educated electorate. I had an amazing professor and loved relating how schools once were to how my high school experience was.

I'm passionate about...

Writing Playing Music Politics Being Outside Ultimate Frisbee Rowing Drums Working with Kids

I'm involved with...

Concert Band Radio Show Club Ultimate Frisbee
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