Hannah B.

Tour Guide at Clark University

Class of 2020

Hometown: South Portland, ME


Major: Community, Youth and Education Studies

Secondary Major: Theatre

What is your most meaningful place on campus?

I really love the Estabrook practice rooms, not because they're super fancy, but because you can go in and have a soundproof place to sing or rehearse or just study to the faint sounds of somebody playing piano in the room next door. It's a hidden gem!

What makes you feel most alive?

It sounds strange, but playing ice breakers perfectly embodies what makes me feel most alive. While playing ice breakers with a group of people, the number one goal is to get to know people and also create a safe place to be comfortable and silly. I love theatre, am an extrovert by nature, a camp counselor at heart, and love getting to know and helping people, and that's all perfectly wrapped up in playing ice breakers like "wah", "5 things", and others with my advisee group, friends, clubs and honestly wherever I can. Honestly I could play ice breaker games forever.

What's your favorite class at Clark?

My favorite class was "Challenge Convention Change our World" which is a First Year Intensive with President David Angel. It's super cool to have the president of our University not only teaching a class about how we, as his students, can work towards collective social change on the micro and macro levels, but also now having him as an academic advisor.

What makes you a Clarkie?

What makes me most Clarkie is my quirky passions. For example, I run an instagram account for squirrels on campus, but also I'm insanely passionate about issues such as the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and have a secret love for dialogues, social justice and mac and cheese. My passions and interests, and myself can't be placed into one label, and I think that's what really makes me a Clarkie.

I'm passionate about...

swing dancing Squirrel Watching Ukulele Succulents Acting Jonas Brothers Pretending To Like Kale Dance Singing Puppies Theatre Ice Breakers Social Justice Squirrels Macaroni and Cheese

I'm involved with...

Social Dancers of Clark Beekeepers of Clark University Peer Advisor J Street U All Kinds of Girls (Mentoring Group for Worcester Girls) Clark University Players Society Clark Musical Theatre
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