Hazel O.

Tour Guide at Clark University

Class of 2020

Hometown: Jacksonville, FL


Major: International Development and Social Change

Concentration: Urban Development and Social Change

What makes you a Clarkie?

I am a Clarkie because I think about the world critically and creatively, and I show up for the causes that me and my friends care about!

What's your favorite class at Clark?

My favorite class so far at Clark has been Cultures of Exile with Anita Fabos.

What makes you feel most alive?

Getting to know someone new over a shared meal.

What are you currently working on?

I am currently prepping and packing for studying abroad in Namibia and South Africa for the Fall 2018 semester!

I'm passionate about...

Camping Sailing R&B Music Reading Thrift Shopping Fashion Cities Urban Development Eating Food Trying new foods Twitter Dancing National Public Radio Cooking Making Lists Myers Briggs Travel Hiking Folk Music Tea

I'm involved with...

Sailing International Students Association
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