Kate C.

Alumnus at Clark University

Class of 2019

Current: Melrose, MA


Major: Political Science

Minor: Education

What is your most meaningful place on campus?

My most meaningful place on campus is the fourth floor of the library. It's my favorite place to work (because it has the best sunset view on campus) and it's nice and quiet. It has been the spot of me writing a lot of assignments I'm the most proud of, and looking out over the Worcester Hills really gives me a sense of being at home.

What makes you a Clarkie?

I think Clarkies strike a balance of taking what they do very seriously but not taking themselves very seriously. I try to put my best foot forward when it comes to all of my classes, my job, and my extra-curriculars, but I also love to just make really corny jokes with my friends and I am always good for a photo of a corgi wearing a hat. Clarkies also love to support their friends and peers and some of my favorite memories of my time at Clark involve watching my friends doing things they love.

What's your favorite class at Clark?

My favorite class at Clark is U.S. National Security because it really challenged me to be constantly thinking with a historical lens and a contemporary lens simultaneously. It was also a really fun class because the professor is amazing and moves at a mile a minute and really loves teaching security policy.

What are you currently working on?

I am currently working on my directed study research project, which is comparing educator attitudes and preferences toward education reform with politician attitudes and preferences toward education reform. It's my last big academic piece before graduation, so I'm using it to tie together my Political Science major and Education minor!

I'm passionate about...

Women in Politics Education Policy Elementary Education Public Policy Urban Development Coffee Dogs
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